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An unmanned taxi will appear in Russia soon

An unmanned taxi will appear in Russia soon

Yandex is ready to launch an unmanned taxi in Russia, there are no technical obstacles for this, but there are legislative ones. The launch of an unmanned taxi in the fall of 2021 fell through due to legal restrictions. Despite the fact that the government as a whole is accommodating technology companies, the Russian legal framework is not yet sufficient for the massive introduction of unmanned technologies.

Nevertheless, the events of recent days make the forecasts more favorable: on November 12, at a meeting dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies, Putin praised Yandex’s developments, stressing that he personally observed the testing of an unmanned taxi in Moscow, and urged to promptly prepare a legislative basis for high-tech projects.

The President’s demand to accelerate the development of unmanned technologies and to level the barriers to high-tech projects could become a catalyst for systemic changes that the innovative sector of the economy lacked. There are no longer any significant reasons for delays.


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