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COVID-19 lockdown will be introduced in many cities of Russia from October 25

COVID-19 lockdown will be introduced in many cities of Russia from October 25

The situation with the incidence of COVID-19 is breaking all records in Russia. Hospitals are unable to cope with the flow of cases, and deaths have sharply increased.

The reason for this is the special mentality of Russians, who are ready to give a million reasons against not being vaccinated. And even the death of loved ones and friends does not make people become a little wiser. In total, about 35% of the population in Russia is vaccinated. This is a very low figure for the country that first developed the COVID-19 vaccine.

A COVID-19 lockdown will be introduced in many regions of Russia from October 25 to November 7. Almost all shops, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, sports and entertainment facilities will be closed.

The restrictive measures introduced to encourage the population to vaccinate do not work, and people continue to die. There are also certain problems with tightening restrictions. As soon as the government introduces something new, then people begin to protest and resent, shout about discrimination and free choice. Morons. They do not understand that it is about life and death. And the government, in order not to provoke protests, lifts the restrictions imposed. And after that, many still believe in total dictatorship and lack of freedom in Russia?

I was vaccinated against COVID-19 in July and I made all my family members do the same…

Do not get sick and stay healthy!


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