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Do you really think the Russian hackers did it?

Do you really think the Russian hackers did it?

Now in the US and EU countries there is a very fashionable practice — to blame Russian hackers for all high-profile cyber attacks. But let’s think about it — could Russian hackers really do this?

First, let’s answer the question: "Who is the world leader in the development of computer systems, the production of computer components and software development?" The answer is simple and unambiguous — the United States.

All global giants in the field of information technology are concentrated in the United States: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google (Alphabet), Dell, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Intel. The rest of the world uses their hardware and software.

The technological lag of Russia in the development of computer electronics and technology is 20-30 years. Yes, in Russia they have already learned how to make outdated computer processors and microcircuits by order of the armed forces, but the funding that the government gives is not enough for the full development of the industry.

In addition, in Russia not a single computer operating system has been developed for the mass consumer. All of them are made in the USA — the world has been taken over by Apple and Microsoft. Information security professionals choose Open Source — Unix / Linux based operating systems, but they are also made in the USA.

Now let’s answer the second question: "How do cyber attacks happen?" In 50% of cases, hackers use secret, hidden from most users, software and hardware capabilities to gain access to information and control a computer, in 30% — social engineering, 15% — computer viruses, 5% — a combination of these methods. You can confirm this information with any professional computer security professional.

Thus, the main threat of cyber attacks comes from the secret, hidden from most users, software and hardware capabilities. That is, the main threat comes from corporations that develop software, computers, gadgets, computer components, and storage devices. Yes, it is corporations that collect data from your computers and smartphones, have full access to them, and create backdoors during the development process to access devices.

Remember all the scandals with Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Cisco and other corporations, during which it was revealed that special functions were introduced into hardware and software for remote access to devices and information. Do you think something has changed? No! But now, against the backdrop of unfriendly relations with Russia, one can blame Russian hackers for everything and hide one’s own crimes, forget about the CIA and NSA involvement in these scandals.

There are indeed many talented programmers in Russia, and some of them find themselves involved in the cybercrime sphere. But the legendary myth that was inflated around the Russian hackers does not correspond to reality.

Remember all the crimes in which Russian hackers are really involved, their guilt has been proven, and the hackers themselves have been prosecuted. Do you remember? Now compare these crimes with those that Russian hackers are accused of now. Have you noticed anything similar in the level, scale and nature of the cyberattacks?

I completely agree with the author!


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