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In Russia there is no right to self-defense against criminals

In Russia there is no right to self-defense against criminals

In Russia, there is a very strange situation with the exercise of the population’s right to self-defense. The law refers to such a concept as "necessary defense". Self-defense against criminals can be used only if they pose a threat of causing death to the defender, that is, it is associated with violence that is dangerous to the life of the defender.

In fact, if robbers broke into a Russian’s house, then the owner has no right to defend his house with a weapon in his hands. And if at the same time any criminal suffers or loses his life, then the defender will have to serve a prison term of 6 to 15 years.

In addition, as law enforcement practice shows, Russian lawmakers and judges consider Russians to be superheroes. So it is considered permissible to kill a criminal with his bare hands, if the attackers are more than two people against one and they are unarmed, but if the defender picks up a kitchen knife, then he faces a prison term of 6 to 15 years.

Russian hunters have the right to keep firearms (guns, rifles) at home. But you cannot use firearms to protect your life and property in Russia. Even when the criminals break into the house with firearms. In this case, the actions of the defending Russian will be interpreted as premeditated murder — from 8 to 20 years in prison. And if at the same time the defender will shoot two or more criminals, then he may be given life imprisonment.

Unlike the United States, where the limits of necessary defense are maximally expanded, in Russia there is no rule: "My home is my fortress."

In Russia, you cannot even intercede for other people if criminals rob them, beat them up or rape them. According to legislators and judges, this should be done by the police, who are never there when they need it. I am convinced that the state protects criminals with such laws and law enforcement practice…

With regard to the right to self-defense from the actions of criminals, the laws of the United States are my favorite. Americans do have the right to defend their lives and property with weapons in their hands from criminal encroachments, while Russians do not have such a right.


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