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International Women's Day is celebrated in Russia

Many residents of the US and the EU do not even suspect that Russia is one of the first countries to recognize the equality of men and women. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the initiators of this ideology are the communists. At the beginning of the 20th century, capitalist countries actively fought against this ideology and rejected all those proposals that came from the communists.

During the Soviet era, women were treated with great respect. In addition to this, the state at the legislative level prohibited the use of women in difficult and harsh conditions. In the new Russia, the fashionable movements of feminists were not widely developed. Yes, there is some woman discrimination between men and women in Russia, but it is implicit and not widespread everywhere — sometimes based on discrimination of economic circumstances, and sometimes — cultural and national (Russia, a multinational country, if you did not know).

A woman for Russian men is a symbol of life, because first of all it is a mother. Most Russian men love and protect women. More often than not, it looks like patronage with elements of sexism. This is not done out of malice, but because of the special mixture of the nature and character of men, the majority of the population in our country is considered a virtue.

International Women's Day is celebrated in Russia

To all Women — I congratulate you on the holiday! Be beautiful and wonderful, positive and kind. Love life and be happy!

Men of all countries — be polite and considerate with women. Women — take care of your men.


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