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Is there any technology in Russia at all?

Since the times of the Soviet Union, the priorities for the development of domestic science have been defined in the country. They are still in effect. Everything related to military technology is financed and developed in the first place. Everything related to civilian technologies is developing very slowly.

The most striking example

Is there any technology in Russia at all?


Russia has never had its own development of engines for passenger cars. All engines that can be remembered are based on foreign engines. Even the LADA-2101, the most massive car in the USSR, is a converted Fiat-124. Do you want to know how many years it was produced in Russia? Taking into account various modifications (LADA 2101-2107), it was produced from 1970 to 2012 — 42 years. How do you like it?

Is there any technology in Russia at all?

T-14 Armata

But for military aircraft, tanks and submarines in the USSR and Russia, the most modern engines have always been made. And the same model of military equipment has never been released for so long.

Therefore, in the USSR and Russia, only military and military technologies developed. So what modern technologies are there in Russia? Mechanical engineering, chemical industry, medicine and nuclear energy. Everything can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Other technologies came to Russia from the rest of the world.

What does all of this mean? Everything for the army and nothing for the people. This is how we lived and how we live.


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