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My attitude towards politicians

My attitude towards politicians

Absolutely all politicians in the world are a separate category of people to whom I have an extremely negative attitude. It doesn’t matter if they are Russian politicians, or American and European. Politicians are a very special kind of people for whom power is the highest value. For the sake of power they are ready to send people to war, for the sake of power they are ready to stir up conflicts, for the sake of power they stop at nothing. Lies, cynicism and propaganda for politicians are daily and necessary tools.

The policies are the same in all countries. Instead of looking for ways to unite humanity — they divide it. Instead of smoothing out national differences, they incite nationalism and interracial strife. To achieve their goals, they can promise money, support, the adoption of the necessary laws. But after the goals are achieved, politicians forget about their promises.

All policies are the same. Because of the politicians, ordinary people suffer and become a bargaining chip in their games. Genocide is happening because of politicians. Millions of people die every year because of politicians on Earth. Because of politicians, people of one race start to hate people of another race.

Orthodox Christianity claims that all power comes from God. But this is not the case. All power comes from the devil and serves his purposes. God doesn’t need power. The devil needs power. Politicians are the servants of the devil. Religion and its interpretation is also a tool for politicians to manage people. Instead of admitting this, politicians hide behind lies about great responsibility.

If two ordinary people with radically opposite views are put in conditions where they need to unite in order to survive, then after a while they will understand each other, will be able to agree and become friends. If you add a third to these two people, and he becomes a politician, then no one can survive.

I do not like politicians and I despise them. That’s all you need to know about my attitude towards politicians.


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