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On the attitude of Russians to the military operation in Ukraine

On the attitude of Russians to the military operation in Ukraine

My dear friends from all over the world, it is very sad for me to know that the US and the EU have not been wise in their actions to impose sanctions on Russia. The containment of Russia and the escalation of sanctions created excessive pressure in the Russian political leadership, which resulted in a war in Ukraine. As we say in Russia, it’s just physics. The US and the EU have created excessive pressure by their actions. The explosion was supposed to happen and it did.

After the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the US and the EU did not understand the main reason for this decision by Putin. And they imposed even tougher sanctions, seized the assets of the Central Bank of Russia, abandoned Russian athletes, and began to withdraw their assets from Russia. The US and the EU decided that this would stop Putin. But they were all wrong, which angered Putin even more!

Probably, according to the plan of the US and EU leaders, such harsh sanctions should hit ordinary Russians, which will force us to organize a revolution and overthrow Putin. But here, too, the leadership of the US and the EU miscalculated. This can be proved by a popular anecdote in Russia, which clearly shows the real attitude of Russians towards the US and the EU.

Read and think:

The other day I called a classmate, a Russian officer who serves in Siberia in the Strategic Missile Forces. He told me that everyone in the Russian army was shocked by what was happening. He also explained to me that half of the officer corps fully supports Putin’s military operation in Ukraine, and the other half proposes to release nuclear warheads on Washington.
I really hope that this will never happen and that relations between the US, the EU and Russia will normalize in the near future.

And to you, my dear friends, I suggest you think about whether Russia is as bad as US and EU politicians claim? And is nationalist Ukraine so important to the EU and the US?


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