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Putin did not want to lose. Now Russia will lose.

Putin did not want to lose. Now Russia will lose.

Putin chose the worst-case scenario… Putin decided to go for a tough confrontation with the US and the EU by signing a decree recognizing the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. In fact, the US suspicions were justified and Russian troops will soon be on the territory of Ukraine.

This political revenge of Putin is doomed to failure. Putin does not yet understand that he has already lost.

The economic sanctions that will follow from the US and the EU will be very severe. In fact, US and EU sanctions hit not Putin and his entourage, but ordinary people living in Russia. In addition, Putin raises taxes and restricts freedoms.

All Putin’s rhetoric about russian’s history and NATO aggression is aimed at trying to justify himself to the citizens of Russia for the fact that in the next 3 years the country will turn into a poor territory with a poor population. Already, people are buying the cheapest new car in Russia on a "mortgage" for 10 years at 14% per year. Do you think this is normal? And after sanctions and total international isolation, it will be even worse. And China will not help us. China benefits from sanctions against Russia. Because of the sanctions, China will be able to buy Russian hydrocarbons very cheaply.

And what will the impoverished population do — a revolution, after which Russia as a state will no longer exist. And if some anarchist comes to power, then the whole world on planet Earth will cease to exist. This anarchist will blame not Putin, but the rest of the world, which brought Russia and its population to poverty and hunger with sanctions. What do you think will happen if he has a button to launch nuclear missiles?

I voted for Putin in 2000, 2004 and 2012, but after the last legal term, which ended in 2018, I have an assumption that he just went crazy…

It was possible and necessary to act in a completely different way: in exchange for the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, it was necessary to resettle all the inhabitants of Donbass to Russia. As a result, the war is over, the sanctions are lifted, Russia gets the opportunity to develop, and the international situation is gradually returning to normal. I am sure that such a decision would suit even Ukraine. The whole world would win.

And what will happen now?


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