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Russia is an expensive country with a poor population

Russia is an expensive country with a poor population

Many surmise that Russia has a poor population. Especially when compared to developed countries like the USA, England or Germany. And because of this, they think that prices in Russia are low. I will disappoint you. If you think that everything is cheap in Russia, then you are mistaken. In Russia, on average, the prices are the same as in the USA and the EU. Although sometimes the prices are even higher.

Why is that? It’s that simple! More than half of the goods sold in Russia are imported: cars, electronics, building materials, tools, cosmetics and perfumery, furniture, clothing and footwear. There are few manufacturers of these goods in Russia. And there are no competitive Russian goods in these categories at all.

Therefore, in Russia the prices are the same as in other countries. Why am I presenting this? So that you can understand the level of income of ordinary Russian people. And think about it — you can live on this money in your country.

The poorest in Russia are pensioners. My mom has a pension of only $ 1920 a year ($ 160 a month). She is a design engineer and has worked her entire life. Would you be able to survive with this money? I have a brother and together with him we help my mother as much as possible.

The next layer of the poor population in Russia is the workers in the factories. Their income ranges from $ 2880 per year ($ 240 per month) to $ 4200 per year ($ 350 per month). Young specialists without work experience have the same income.

Slightly better with income in trade from salespeople and cashiers, in the service sector, as well as from office clerks. Their income ranges from $ 5040 per year ($ 420 per month) to $ 7200 per year ($ 600 per month). This level of income is considered average in Russia.

IT specialists, marketers and builders feel better than others in Russia. Their income ranges from $ 12,000 per year ($ 1,000 per month) to $ 18,000 per year ($ 1,500 per month). This level of income is considered good in Russia. You can already buy an inexpensive car on credit.

We also have those who make millions — these are top managers of state corporations. Their income ranges from $ 600,000 per year ($ 50,000 per month) to $ 12,000,000 per year ($ 1,000,000 per month) and more. This is despite the fact that many public corporations operate at a loss. How is this possible? Because of the gaps in the laws, top managers of state corporations set their own salaries and cash bonuses, they are paid from the state budget at the expense of taxes, the financial efficiency of a state corporation does not matter.

The situation with the finances of officials and deputies of the State Duma is excellent. Their income ranges from $ 54,000 per year ($ 4,500 per month) to $ 60,000 per year ($ 5,000 per month). When there was propaganda on television before the adoption of this law, the deputies argued that they needed such income, since in other EU countries officials have it at this level too. They forgot to mention that ordinary people in Russia have at least 10 times less income than ordinary EU residents…


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