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Russians are fighting over expired food

Russians are fighting over expired food

The fall in the level of income of the population, and with it the level of well-being, led to a change in social markers that make it possible to obtain an external assessment of the quality of life of Russians. According to the data of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, published at the end of September, the level of well-being of Russians fell back to the level of 2010-2011, with no prerequisites for an improvement in the situation. It is also noted that at the end of 2020, the overall drop in the level of income of the population amounted to 2.8%, while the poverty level remains at around 12%.

In these economic conditions, news of fights over expired goods at trash cans near grocery supermarkets is no longer a rarity. This reflects another problem of the Russian economy: growing inflation, falling income levels of the population have a multiplier effect and translate economic insolvency in a wide demographic range. According to the Russian Accounts Chamber, it is inflation, which reached the official figure of 8% in 2021, that is the main economic problem.

However, the main problem for the economy has always been and remain incompetent managers and corrupt officials who work exclusively in their own personal interests. With the modern systemic configuration, citizens can only rely on their own strength, fighting for food at the garbage cans and expressing their outrage on the network in between active extinction.

The government, instead of providing financial support to the population, as happened around the world, introduced new taxes and came up with new financial restrictions. That’s how we live…


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