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Russians talked about their attitude to nomina feminitives

Russians talked about their attitude to nomina feminitives

More than a third of Russian citizens said that the use of feminitives is unacceptable in any situation. At the same time, almost every fourth Russian has a positive attitude towards them.

Only 11% of Russians are not familiar with the concept of feminitives. Art workers are most familiar with this term (95%). Russians also talked about their attitude to feminitives: 23% of respondents support them (of which 30% are women, 15% are men).

Representatives of top management, HR, transport and logistics, as well as banks and finance (more than 50% of employees) consider feminitives to be a negative phenomenon.

In general, women are more loyal to feminitives than men. Their use is opposed by 40% of men and only 32% of women.

The research was conducted by the Russian company HeadHunter.


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