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Russians vs Sanctions: The Whole Truth About Russians Attitudes Toward US and EU Sanctions

Russians vs Sanctions: The Whole Truth About Russians Attitudes Toward US and EU Sanctions

The US and EU sanctions against Russia are political and should hurt the interests of politicians. But in fact, they have a serious impact not on politicians, but on ordinary people in Russia. None of the Russian politicians have become poorer, have not lost their savings. Everyone, as they lived in prosperity, is still living.

But it seemed to Russian politicians that this was not enough. Russian politicians have made US and EU sanctions against Russians even tougher. They banned the import of products to Russia from the US and the EU. Russian product manufacturers have no competitors left. They simply increased prices 3 times for products that are 3 times worse than imported ones. Who pays for sanctions against Russia — Putin and Russian politicians? Not! Ordinary Russian people are paying the price.

And Russian politicians say that the USA and the EU are to blame. Propaganda works. People are getting worse and they are beginning to blame not Putin and politicians, but the US and the EU. Not at all the effect that the US and the EU need. This is Russia, everything is not going according to plan here.

Almost everyone who served in the Russian army knows this saying: «The more they fuck us, the stronger we get» (in russian "нас ебут, а мы крепчаем"). You do not need to understand these words literally — this is not about sex. In English, there is a meaningful expression: «What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger». This is how Russians view sanctions against Russia.

The Russians can be defeated in only one way: to create the highest conditions for a comfortable and rich life. To make the Russians have something to lose, something to give up. And if a Russian person has almost nothing, then he has nothing to lose. Therefore, such an attitude towards US and EU sanctions.


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