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The parable of choice: Obscurity or Death?

The man has committed a crime. The guards caught him and brought him to trial before the king. The death penalty was imposed for the crime, but the king invited the man to choose his own fate: either to be hanged, or to go out through the big, black, terrible steel door. The culprit thought and chose the gallows. When a noose was thrown around his neck, he suddenly said:

— I got curious! What’s behind that door? Answer me, because I can’t tell anyone!

The king laughed:

— Yes, you see, a funny situation turns out. I offer everyone this choice — and everyone chooses the gallows.

— And what is behind the door? — the criminal asks. — I won’t tell anyone anyway! — he added, pointing to the noose.

After a pause, the king answered:

— Freedom outside the door. But people are so afraid of the unknown that they prefer a rope around the neck to it!


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