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The whole meaning of the government's attitude to the people in Russia

There is one old Russian anecdote that very well explains the attitude of the government and officials towards the people in Russia. And also compares this approach with other countries.

A joke about a cat and hot sauce

The American, the German and the Russian argued among themselves that they would force the cat to eat a very hot chili sauce.

The American grabs the cat and stuffs the sauce into its mouth. The cat resists, but swallows some of the sauce.

— This is violence! — the Russian is indignant.

The German makes a cut in the sausage and fills it with hot sauce. He gives the sausage to the cat and she eats it.

— This is a lie! — says the Russian, after which he smears the cat’s anus with sauce, and the cat licks it with a howl.

— Pay attention, – says the Russian, – voluntarily and with a song.

This is exactly what they do with people in Russia.


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