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US intelligence agencies accused Russia of discrediting Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

US intelligence agencies accused Russia of discrediting Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

You’ve probably seen similar headlines on the Internet. I won’t tell you anything new about this. Moreover, most likely, the conclusions of the American special services are not groundless.

However, you may not know, but it was the Russians who created the first vaccine against COVID-19. The Sputnik V vaccine was officially registered in Russia on August 11, 2020. But the American special services and the media not only did not believe this fact, but also tried in every possible way to discredit Russian science and Russian medicine, ridiculed Russian scientists, tried to prove that they simply could not create a vaccine against a new disease in Russia. This went on for six months. Six months!

Russian scientists consistently defended the created vaccine, proving not only its effectiveness, but also the very fact of its existence. And this happened without loud statements by the Russian special services and the political leadership.

And now, when several, not the most popular, media outlets questioned the effectiveness of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the American special services immediately blamed the Russian government for this. Understand: the American special services accused the Russian special services of what the American special services have been doing for almost six months (and are doing now). This is sheer hypocrisy and vile cynicism.

In fact, everything is very simple and straightforward here. All global pharmaceutical corporations, including Russian and American ones, will wage a fierce battle for the global market for COVID-19 vaccines. This is billions of dollars every year, because all vaccines provide only temporary protection against COVID-19.

I have a different question in connection with all this. Doesn’t it seem to you that directly only temporary protection from COVID-19 is a conspiracy of corporations. That’s billions of dollars every year. Billions of dollars in fear.

Therefore, it is pointless to argue about which vaccine is better and which is worse. The best vaccine is one that works consistently. Like this!

Be healthy and do not get sick.


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